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Motown Mondays | DJ DAY | 11.4.13

We are sure spoiled living in Los Angeles when it comes to great music.  Motown on Mondays with DJ Expo, MonaLisa + Jedi is always a blast, because people actually come out and fucking dance! The crowd that likes to stands around and just bobs their heads were not present this night.  I saw girls get their groove on as well as the fellas. The vibe was fun as always and I enjoy all the new people I meet when I’m out. The universe has been bringing creative people into my life as of late, and I can’t wait to collab with them.  DJ Day had the crowd shuffling their feet and his set of course was music to my ears, literally.  There was one fan in the crowd that yelled “THIS IS MY SHIT” as a Stevie Wonder song started to play.  Check out this spot sometime, the staff is friendly the crowd is there to have fun and they have Peronis for $4 as their special.

Check out the Full Albums on Facebook or HERE

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