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Featured Artwork & Photography : Captain Planet on Giant Step

The first collaboration with Transit Studios and Msison Photography for Captain Planets: Cookin Gumbo.  It was fun working with Aaron from Bastard Jazz and Charlie (Captain Planet), seeing this from beginning to end and working with Plann.B and our very first joint venture. Peep the art work!

We already know y’all loved Captain Planet’s Ningané EP – we did, too. But the diverse beatsmith might have outdone himself with his first full length, Cookin’ Gumbo. Out on September 6th, the album combines funk, soul, and world music from “all corners of the globe” to bring an irresistible concoction of dancefloor tunes. It is in fact difficult to stay in our seats while writing this – we may well have to end this post prematurely and attend to our urge to move.

And lastly, do not miss out on the sure to be incredible release parties in LA, SF, NY, and DC. Details below!

Listen to the free MP3 remixing the amazing Mia Doi Todd’s “Paraty.”  (Via GIANTSTEP)


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